"Montreal melodic death metal band Decadawn is onto something here. This band is doing its best to change the game plan of what most fans think melodic death metal should sound like. After releasing a demo in 2001, it took 13 years to finally release the band’s full-length debut, Solitary Confinement. Decadawn is a “newer” band giving a go at the traditional Gothenburg sound. They possess many trademarks of the popular ’90s melodeath sound reminiscent of At The Gates and early-era In Flames with a touch of Children Of Bodom (minus the keyboards). However, the thing that separates Decadawn from the rest of the melodeath pack is the cleaner, melodic, power metal vocals they incorporate throughout each of the ten tracks. (...) Solitary Confinement is a new twist on a tried and true genre with a few splendid surprises. Decadawn is a band to keep your eyes (and ears) on in the future."
- Kelley Simms (BraveWords.com)
"One of 2014’s biggest unsigned surprises and without a doubt a true highlight of melodic death metal! One to keep both eyes on!"
- Alex Melzer (The Metal Observer)
"Solitary Confinement is a great album that will appeal to a wide spectrum of fans across the melodic death metal genre."
- Tim Blevins (MusicReview)

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